Cibien Asphalt

Cibien Asphalt division is well equipped with a parker plant batch mixer capable of producing asphalt concrete mix of different design mix. For efficiency, our minimum order quantity is set at 30tons per production run. We have a ready supply of aggregates from our Cibien Kokoto division and sufficient stocks of bitumen in our tanks, which gives us a head start in asphalt production. With our fully automated plant, clients only need to present their design mix which is produced to precision. Our production capacity is 80 tons per hour and production runs of up to twelve hours per day.

We have a team of well-trained and dedicated personnel who have always delivered on their mandate. Their flexible working hours enables us to produce for clients with diverse needs in terms of working hours and distance of travel.

 At Cibien Lami we produce: –

  1. Asphalt Concrete 0-20 Super pave
  2. Asphalt Concrete 0-14 Type 1
  3. Asphalt Concrete 0-14 Type 2
  4. DBM